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FOBI Medical Company Showcase

Originally published in the February 2017 issue of TechNation Magazine

FOBI Medical, which began as FiberOptic Bulbs Incorporated in Texas in 1996, has adapted to keep pace with the healthcare industry to provide products and services.  “FOBI Medical began by selling Xenon and all types of medical lamps and by 2000 had expanded into medical batteries,” explains Keith Przybyla. “My background is in surgical sales. As that market was shifting in the mid 1990s, I made a decision to move away from that market since it was becoming contract driven. I moved into the Biomedical Engineering market. I brought the same sales model from surgical (OR) sales to this market, that being a face-to-face sales approach.” In addition to being the authorized representative of Fluke Biomedical and Unfors-RaySafe in the company’s key states, FOBI Medical is the exclusive distributor for Analytical Industries and Bay Corporation. FOBI is a preferred distributor for many other companies in its territory and is a preferred vendor for many national and regional Independent Service Organizations (ISOs).  “FOBI Medical is a key partner for many manufacturers and ISOs. FOBI passes on that heightened level of respect to each health care facility considering them as our partner,” Przybyla says. “We don’t view ourselves as a ‘vendor’ because we don’t just want to sell you something – we want to be a part of your organization … a partner.

Keith Przybyla President of FOBI Medical

We want to provide value both before and after the sale. Hence our motto:Define. Discover. Deliver.We Define our partner’s needs. Discover solutions to those needs. And, Deliver the products and service requested.” A proven formula and a big component of the company’s success is its face-to-face interaction with customers. “Our customers do not have to rely on a call center or a salesperson sitting behind a computer in a different time zone to identify their problem and offer a solution. We provide hands-on service whenever possible,” Przybyla says. “Our partners (customers) tell us repeatedly how much they appreciate the reciprocal connection.” FOBI Medical prides itself on providing the highest value for the products and services that it offers.

“Our goal is to provide the best value and transparent communication, not to be the cheapest. We have quick turnarounds, high-quality products, research assistance for our customers and no hidden fees,” Przybyla says. “Our internal staff is dedicated to perfecting the buying experience from the initial quote request to the packaging and shipping of that order,” he adds. “Our sales force of personable, knowledgeable, and helpful outside sales people, is combined with a super strong internal sales staff supporting them. FOBI brings a completely unique dynamic to the end user.” Another customer-friendly aspect of the FOBI customer support model is its new website. “FOBI Medical is extremely proud to announce the new website allowing customers to log in and secure their pricing and create custom quotes. When you have been totally personable with your customers for more than 20 years, it’s a little different to back off and let them do some of the shopping. Our initial response has been very well received. Our customers like the convenience and simplicity of the new site. But, they still love us stopping by,” Przybyla says. A desire to meet customers’ needs as a partner helps FOBI reach its goals. “We also shifted our focus to a more service-centric model,” Przybyla says. “The assumption being that the slower economy in our market was having the same effect on our customers as ourselves.

We then pressed to partner with our customers to lower their labor and parts costs by servicing items in mass quantities. The buying power of the whole territory is strong enough to keep costs down and maintain our high-quality standards.” “We are staying true to providing the total value solution and continuously looking for ways to provide the commodity and value added services at the most competitive prices,” he adds. FOBI strives to create strong personal relationships, strong brand recognition, strong customer loyalty, and local representation with boots on the ground. Add to this, face-to-face interaction while offering a wide variety of product lines and amazing customer service and sales support. FOBI has no problem going the extra mile for its customers.

“Most products arrive next day in our core territories, which lower product costs and down-time to our customers,” Przybyla says. “We customize orders per the customer’s request. When our customers express a need to have something assembled or designed, FOBI makes it happen.” Big things are happening at FOBI as the company finds new ways to help new and existing customers in 2017 and beyond. “We’ve recently partnered with Precision Medical to service and sell their products across most of the USA,” Przybyla says. “In addition, we will be introducing new products and partnerships in 2017. This will expand our capabilities and provide our partner/customer’s new products and services as per their requests.” “The massive growth in our air

oxygen blender service is becoming very exciting,” he adds. “Transitioning from a regional to a national company is definitely on the horizon. FOBI has traditionally relied on word of mouth and did not advertise or promote the company,” Przybyla says. “With growth in regional and national ISO accounts combining with a total reconstruction of the website and nationwide marketing plan, FOBI Medical is poised for growth during the latter half of the decade. We understand the importance of the electronic medium and will continue to make it easier for our customers. We’ll continue to expand our partnership agreements and offer the additional products and services our customers are requesting.”FOR MORE INFORMATIONabout FOBI, call 888-231-3624.