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FOB 2017003-001 (GE/Marquette Compatible ECG Trunk Cable)

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GE/Marquette Compatible, 3/5 Lead, ECG Trunk Cable
SKU FOB 2017003-001
GE/Marquette Compatible, 3/5 Lead, ECG Trunk Cable
Connector Distal: 11-Pin, Green, GE Connector
Connector Proximal: Multi-Link
Lead Number 3 / 5
Patient Size: Adult/Pediatric
Resistance: No
Sterile: No
Length: 8'
Color: Gray
Material: TPU Jacket


AMC: CB-515006
Curbell: CBT-05ND-10CM-0001
GE/Marquette: 2017003-001 (12 ft)2017003-002 (4 ft)2022948-002412931-001E9002ZB164L00252106305-001 (12 ft)2106305-002 (4 ft)2106311-001 (20 ft)
GE Healthcare: 2269979
Pacific Medical: NEMQ1052
RPI: KCC021, KEC003, KED021
Sage: T02-05-36M
Schiller: 55.065048
Tenacore: MC006A, 535006


Datex Ohmeda: Aestiva/5, E-PRESTN, M-PRESTN, Unity
Drager: Narkomed 6400
GE/Critikon/Dinamap: Carescape B105, Carescape B125, Carescape B450, Carescape B650, Carescape B850, ProCare B20, Procare B40
GE/Marquette: Dash 1000, Dash 2000, Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Dash PRO 2000, Dash PRO 3000, Dash PRO 4000, E-PRESTN, Eagle, Eagle Systems, MAC-Lab, PDM Module, Responder 2000, Responder 3000, Solar 3000, Solar 8000, Solar 9500, Tram 100, Tram 200, Tram 300, Tram 400, Tram 451, Tram 500, Tram 600, Tram 800, Unity Systems
GE Healthcare: Aisys CS2, Logiq 5, Logiq 7, Vivid 7, Vivid S5, Vivid S6, Vivid e80, Vivid e9, Vivid e90, Vivid e95, Vivid i


This cable is guaranteed to be free of defective materials and workmanship and is covered under warranty subject to FOBI Medical's Terms and Conditions. The warranty period for this cable is 6 Months from the date of the original invoice.
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