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FOB 500 (14V / 300W)

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14V / 300W, Xenon Lamp

14V / 300W, Xenon Lamp

Technology: Xenon
Watts: 300W
Volts: 14V
Finish: Clear
Base: 5 Hole Base
Length: 1.92"
Lumens: 5000L
Life: 1000H

Excelitas: PE300BFA
Integra / Lifesciences: 400615, 600325
Leica: 10448022
LuxteL: CL300BF
Pentax: KBM86527P
Storz: 20133027, 20133120
Ushio: UXR300

ACMI / Circon: ALV1, MV9086
Acufex: FRX300
Acuity: A09501, A09502, 13485, Ultralife
ALM: MTA Starpointe XE
BFW: Maxenon XI300
Burton: Xenalux
Dyonics / Smith & Nephew: Dyo-Bright 300 XE
Fujinon: EPS-300, EPX-401, FLX-2000, FLX-300, XL-4400
Leica: M520, M720
Linvatec: 8170, 8180, LIS8430
Luxtec: 9300XSP, LX-300, 7000, 8000, 9000, Isolux XSB 300
Olympus: CLV160, CLV180, CLVS40, ILX-6300
Pentax: EPM-3000, EPM-3300, EPM-3500, LX-3000
Storz: 201330-20, 201331-20, 487B, 611, 300, 487C, 610, 610C, 630
Stryker: Quantum 6000
Sunoptics / Cuda: Solarmaxx 300, Titan 300, XLS300
Welch Allyn: Proxenon 350, VP2000, VP3
Wolf: 5131
Zeiss: Superlux 300

This lamp is guaranteed to be free of defective materials and workmanship and is covered under warranty subject to FOBI Medical's Terms and Conditions. The warranty period for this lamp is 6 Months from the date of the original invoice.
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