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FOB 6001-CF2 (12V / 7.2Ah)

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12V / 7.2Ah, Sealed Lead Acid, Battery


SKU FOB 6001-CF2
12V / 7.2Ah, Sealed Lead Acid, Battery


Chemistry: SLA/VRLA (Sealed Lead Acid/Valve Regulated Lead Acid)
Volts: 12V
Amps: 7.2Ah
Dimensions: 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70
Weight: 4.8lbs
Terminal: F2 (Faston 2)


CSB: GP1272F2
Drager: 4106093
GE/Critikon: 2404028-6
Hill-Rom: 4840501
Interstate: SLA1079
Newport Medical: BAT1800P
PowerSonic: PS-1270 F2
Yuasa: NP7-12FR



3M Healthcare: Delphen 7000
Aequitron Medical: MCR911D Muscle Stimulator (Requires 2/unit)
Arjo Huntleigh:

Alpine 600 (Requires 2/unit)

hair Lift 29181, 29182

Century Chair Lift (102193)

Artromick: Medicine Cart
Aspect Medical Systems: A1000, A1050 Monitor

Dash I, II, Mark II Recorder (Requires 2/unit)

Super 8 Recorder (Requires 2/unit)

Z-1000 Graphic Recorder

Bard: Power Pak System
BHM Medical: Voyager Lift 420, V10, Ergolift 2, 600 (Requires 2/unit)
Biochem / BCI: 700, 6100, 58200A Monitor
Brentwood: VPD 261 Defibrillator
Camtec: Care Chair

Narkomed Anesthesia 2B

Narkomed Anesthesia 3B, Cart 3 (Requires 2/unit)

Narkomed Anesthesia 4 (Requires 4/unit)

Narkomed GS

Dyonics: Arthroscopic Surgical Power Unit 40, 60, 85 (Requires 2/unit)
Ferno Ille:

1600, 9600, 9650 Chair Lift

5000, 6000 Chair Lift (Requires 2/unit)

TR3000 Shower Trolley

Fischer Scientific: 212Z Isotemp Freezer
Gambro: Phoenix System
GE/Critikon Logiq 9 Ultrasound (Requires 2/unit)

Excel Care (Requires 2/unit)

TotalCare spO2RT Bed

Imex: 7000 PVL, 7000 PLU

Magnitude Patient Monitor 3150M

Omega 500, 1000, 1100, 1500, 5000 BP Monitor


105, 205, 7141, 7142, 7640 Monitor

Cardiac Output 7300, 7350

Laerdal: Cardiac Resucitator Heart Aid 95
Medcare Products: Bariatric Portable Ceiling Lift (Requires 2/unit)
Medtronic/Physio Control:

200 Biopak (Requires 2/unit)

Medtronic Blood Pump 540, 550 (Requires 2/unit)

Mennen Medical:

700, 740, 741, 742 Portable Monitor

936, 936-S, 965 Monitor Defibrillator

Newport Medical: E360 Ventilator
OEC: 85 Power Unit (Requires 2/unit)
Pace Tech:

Mini Pack 300 Series

Vitalmax 4000, 4000CL, 4100CL Series

Puritan Bennett: Nightstar 330
Siemens: 350 Transport Monitor (Requires 2/unit)
Sigma: 4000 Infusion Pump

30011, 30012, 40012, 40013, AE-6955

Vacstat Portable Suction Unit

Stimtech: 500 Chart Recorder
Stryker: Neptune Rover, Gold
Tollos/T.H.E. Medical: Ultralift 3500XH Mobile Swing Lift (Requires 2/unit)


This battery is guaranteed to be free of defective materials and workmanship and is covered under warranty subject to FOBI Medical's Terms and Conditions. The warranty period for this battery is 18 Months from the manufacturing date code.
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